About Us

Jumanga Olives is a family run business established in May 2000 with the planting of 1200 olive trees. We planted five main varieties, namely, Frantoio, Nevadillo Blanco, Manzanillo, Kalamata and Sevillano. Our first crop for oil was harvested in April 2004. 

We, at Jumanga Olives are focused on producing premium quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) from Tree to Bottle. We also make a variety of infused olive oils including chilli, garlic, lemon and kaffir lime. Naturally brine processed table olives are also produced at the grove.

To ensure premium quality we pay careful attention to producing high quality olives, harvested at optimal ripeness, which is essential in producing the highest quality EVOO. Our EVOO has won numerous awards both at local and national level.

We optimise our operation by utilising our olive varieties for product specific purposes. To maintain consistent quality in our products, every aspect is expertly monitored by Thomas Ganz (BSc in Horticulture).

Again, to ensure premium quality in all our oils and to completely control every step of production, we purchased our own Italian made olive mill in 2005 (Oliomio 200). Our mill is also available for processing other grower's olives.

For the past few years, during harvest season, we have successfully conducted educational Olive Oil Workshops run through the University of Western Australia extension program. The educational material presented by Thomas Ganz and Professor Stan Kailis is easily understood and embraced by all attendees. At Jumanga Olives we believe that through education and exposure, the majority of people will enjoy the great taste and ultimately the health benefits of olive products.

Our grove is open to the public every Wednesday from 10 am to 5pm for tasting and sales. So drop in for a visit and have a taste of our products.

Also, we now offer Pick your own olives', have them processed into extra virgin olive oil on site and take home the fruits of your labour.